Two thirds of all our energy is spent to stay alive, this is called basic metabolic rate (BMR). This leaves one third of our energy to spend physically, mentally and to reproduce, the evolutionary reason that we are alive. Throughout evolution, the mechanisms have been developed and fine-tuned to guarantee reproduction in favourable energetic conditions. Metabolic health with good energy production is the foundation for youthful hormone level, fertility, the basis for the prevention of pregnancy complications and primes the health of the developing foetus. Without resorting to lab tests, one’s metabolic health status is reflected and can be closely self-monitored in body composition (no central obesity) and physical and mental energy status. Remember, our body’s hormone levels are driven by one and only factor, that is getting fuel to the brain.  


Sound nutrition advice links: 

Weston A. Price Foundation : Dr. Weston Price’s legacy

Sally Fallon: the butter queen, great info on fat, traditional nourishing food

ABCs of Nutrition: Pay special attention to importance of fat-soluble vitamins and sacred food for fertility

Dr. William Davis : wheat belly, undoctored

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt:   info on weight loss, quitting sugar, ketosis, great menu ideas

Drs. Mary Dan and Michael Eades  Protein power

Dr. Robert Lustig – on sugar, junk food, sick mind and body

Dr. Ron Rosdale  insulin, leptin, ageing

Uffe Ravnskov On Cholesterol:  The precursor of all steroid hormones

Prediction Calculator:

OPIS (Outcome Prediction In Subfertility) Good calculator developed by Aberdeen university to predict your chance of having a baby.  

There are two OPIS tools. OPIS Pre IVF and OPIS Post IVF 


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