Dr. Agnes Ryu’s diverse background in both Western and Eastern medicine informs her integrative approach to chronic conditions, utilizing the best of modern medicine alongside time-honoured natural therapies.

Motivated by fostering true healing and restoration, she has continuously refined her skills into an elegant art and science.


Her early training in rehabilitating brain injury patients at a stroke unit gave her profound insight into the intricate connections between the nervous system, brain, and bodily functions.

This led her to train under top Eastern and Western mentors in diverse physical therapy modalities that directly impact nervous system repair and recuperation.

With advanced training in diagnosis and techniques ranging from conventional orthopaedics, biomechanics, acupuncture, myofascial release, functional neurology, visceral manipulation, various techniques developed from osteopathy,

Dr. Ryu brings over 25 years of experience and mastery to her hands-on therapies and manual medicine.


Many conventional practitioners reach for biochemical tools like pharmaceuticals or supplements to modulate symptoms.

Yet the root of many health problems stems from structural stress and strain disrupting normal biological functioning.

Tight muscles can trap nerves, restricted joints may impede circulation, tissues with high tension and misalignment can trigger inflammatory cascades.

While drugs may temporarily dampen these effects, they fail to resolve the underlying mechanical strains and distortions.


Dr. Ryu stands apart with her keen eye for identifying structural problems, drawing on her deep knowledge of anatomy and neurology and what underlies disease processes.

Going beyond a limited biochemical model, her hands-on therapies – from targeted myofascial release to precise acupuncture treatment – directly address dysfunctional patterns and realign tissues for lasting relief.

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