Agnes Ryu has clinical experience for more than 28 years in Seoul Korea and London UK serving over 20,000 patients. Agnes has attained medical degree in 1995 and received postgraduate degree in Human Physiology. She had been an internist at the hospital and a laboratory scientist and an academic in universities in Korea, Japan, and UK. Since she opened her own clinic in Suth West London in 2004, she has focused on metabolic disorders resulting in energy loss, chronic inflammation, obesity and hormonal issues. 

Agnes Ryu is a recognized expert in the field of metabolic health, specializing in addressing the root cause of chronic health problems, which often stem from energy loss and chronic inflammation. 

Her expertise extends to specific areas with high metabolic needs and hormonal fluctuations, such as fertility and pregnancy, menopausal transition, and natural breast cancer care. 

Dr. Agnes offers a range of services tailored to address various reproductive health concerns, including natural fertility optimization, unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriages, and endometriosis. 

In addition to reproductive health, Dr. Agnes also focuses on metabolic disorders that can impact hormones and fertility, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and thyroid/adrenal dysfunction. 

Dr. Agnes is committed to helping individuals overcome weight issues and reduce visceral fat, as well as addressing conditions like fatty liver disease. Many of Dr. Agnes’s clients have experienced significant improvements in fertility and hormonal health by improving on fat mobilization and utilization.

If you are seeking assistance with fertility, hormonal health, or metabolic disorders, Agnes Ryu is dedicated to providing personalized and effective natural options with appropriate laboratory testing to help you achieve your health goals.

It is an established fact that many women undergo IVF procedures due to male factor issues. What is even more concerning is that women often continue to receive fertility treatments without proper investigation or diagnosis of the underlying male factor issues. This oversight can significantly impact the effectiveness of the treatment and prolong the journey to successful conception.

Dr Ryu emphasizes the importance of thoroughly investigating male reproductive health when facing fertility challenges. Identifying and addressing any male factor issues early on can greatly improve the chances of successful outcomes and reduce unnecessary stress and financial burden for couples.

Dr. Agnes is dedicated to addressing fertility concerns not only for females but also for males. It is crucial to optimize sperm production for any couple embarking on a fertility journey, whether they choose the natural route or opt for IVF. Men’s sperm status can serve as a proxy of overall health and well-being, highlighting the significance of a holistic approach that focuses on balancing hormones such as testosterone, insulin and reducing belly fat.  Improving metabolic health and energy levels is crucial in this regard. 

Dr. Ryu’s program takes a personalized approach to help males enhance sperm quantity and quality, naturally boost testosterone levels, and improve overall health. By doing so, the program increases the likelihood of successful conception and take home baby for couples. 

Dr Ryu is serious about optimizing weight and achieving body composition and improving energy metabolism is an important part of pre-conception care in her clinic. A lot of her clients ‘fell’ pregnant after losing belly fat. Agnes offers a highly individualized approach to weight loss that focuses on overall metabolic and hormonal health. 

Agnes may begin by assessing various factors such as your medical history, current lifestyle, dietary habits, nutritional demands and energy levels. Based on this assessment, she will work with you to develop a personalized plan that suits your goals.

Her approach may involve a combination of strategies, including dietary modifications, exercise recommendations, her famous Korean herbal formulations, if deemed necessary.  Dr. Agnes emphasizes the importance of sustainable and healthy weight loss for fertility and pregnancy. 

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