How to energize the cells?

Your egg, sperm, embryos are at the forefront of evolution and new mutations occur more rapidly here than in the rest of the body. 

How can you supply the fuel and metabolic energy to support the correct work of the gametes? This is the key question we ask when we meet our new clients. 

While improving metabolic energy production for fertility and mitigating the effect of reproductive ageing, we focus on improving egg/sperm/ embryo quality and provide implantation support to prevent miscarriage. These are not only paramount in natural conception and pregnancy maintenance, but determining factors in IVF outcomes. 


Dr Ryu has successfully supported those who are undergoing IVF through preparation in between the cycles, during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and frozen embryo transfer. She has treated patients with fertility and pregnancy loss issues in UK for the last 20 years.

Dr Ryu's Articles

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