About Dr Agnes Ryu

Agnes Ryu has a unique background as a clinician and a researcher. She attained her medical degree from Korea in 1995 after completing a 6-year education that integrated both Western and Eastern medicine. 

Her vast experience, amounting to over 25 years, spans academic roles in universities, researching biochemistry in the lab, and practising as a clinician serving over 20,000 patients. 


Insight from the Stroke unit

Beginning her career at a stroke unit, Agnes Ryu gained valuable experience in urgent care and brain imaging, which shaped her clinical interests forever. This is where she analysed numerous comprehensive blood test results that she began to identify underlying metabolic aberrations, such as diabetes, and inflammation and energy loss as the root cause of cardiovascular disease and many other chronic conditions.


Hands-on treatment and manual medicine for rehabilitation

Motivated by an interest in fostering genuine healing and restoration, she transitioned to a post-stroke rehabilitation facility, concentrating her efforts on understanding brain injuries and their impact on movement and various bodily functions.

Her research in this realm prompted a focus on diverse physical therapy modalities that can directly affect brain and nervous system repair and recuperation. This led to her participation in numerous post graduate trainings and apprenticeships under distinguished mentors from both Eastern and Western traditions. 

Over the last 25 years, Agnes Ryu has continuously refined her diagnostic acuity and hands-on therapies into a form of elegant art and craftsmanship. Dr Ryu’s approach in physical treatment is here


From bedside to bench, bench to bedside

In parallel with her clinical work, she engaged in research in a biochemistry lab within the pharmacological department of Seoul National University. Her team, with organic chemists, was involved in a new drug discovery initiative. Dr Ryu conducted screening of natural compounds and molecules and determined their biological actions at the cellular level. This research aimed to identify potential therapeutic compounds for various conditions and understand the mechanism of action. (Agnes Ryu’s research background)

Her works were published in prestigious journals such as British Journal of Pharmacology and she was nominated as a Japanese Government Munbusho scholar.


Teaching in UK

In 2001, Dr Ryu began her career in UK teaching human Physiology and diagnostic skills for undergraduates in Asante academy of Chinese Medicine, Middlesex university. She also oversaw clinical experiments on pain control with other academic institutions and conducted postgraduate education seminars for clinicians in UK and Europe.

Throughout her career, Dr. Agnes Ryu has combined her clinical expertise with biochemical research, human physiology focusing on metabolism and endocrinology. 

Her unique diverse background enables her to approach medical challenges from multiple angles, integrating the best of both Western science and time-tested Eastern medicine.

Agnes Ryu is an advocate of safe and effective natural medicine, compatible with human cell biology. 

“My approach to reproductive health is both holistic and functional. My objective is to combine time-tested traditional medicine with the latest research.”

Dr Agnes N Ryu

The tide of infertility

The unusually high prevalence of hormonal/immune problems and ensuing fertility challenges which she encountered in London has led her to focus on reproductive medicine. This highly specialized field is changing rapidly and demands the practitioner keeps abreast of the latest research.

Her special interests include energy metabolism and steroidal hormone changes and their influence on reproductive ageing and menopausal transition, Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR) which often leads to premature ovarian ageing (POA); gynaecological concerns of inflammatory and immune dysregulation such as endometriosis; ‘unexplained’ infertility (in the Western medicine model); male factor infertility and metabolic reproductive diseases in both men and women.

While her principal object is extending natural fertility potential, over time she has carefully developed protocols to assist effectively and safely those who are embarking on the IVF journey. Dr Ryu believes her intervention should be restorative and regenerative in nature.

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