FastTrack IVF Acupuncture Service

Our signature Fertility Acupuncture program is designed to enhance your natural fertility and support IVF treatment for higher success rate. 

  • Please note, to evaluate your fertility and general health, previous treatment and develop a personalized treatment plan, initial consultation with Dr Ryu is required to have Acupuncture treatment. 
  • We recommand a series of 10 to 15 acupuncture sessions for a structured, phased approach to fertility enhancement with accumulative effect. 
  • we recommend to begin acupuncture treatment a 2 -3 months prior to IVF.
  •  Each session aligns with a stage of your cycle and IVF protocol.
    These include calming the nervous system, regulating hormones, increasing uterine blood flow, optimizing receptivity to IVF, supporting endometrial lining development, facilitating embryo implantation, and preventing miscarriage through early pregnancy support

Acupuncture Support for your IVF journey

Introducing our “Fertility Acupuncture for IVF Success” program, a part of Dr Ryu’s FastTrack Fertility Solutions. If you are considering IVF or are currently undergoing treatment, this program can be a valuable addition to your fertility journey. 
Our aim is to enhance your chances of success and help you navigate this transformative experience with greater ease and confidence.


The use of acupuncture as an adjunct to IVF treatment has gained momentum since the publication of a systematic review by Manheimer and colleagues. A growing body of evidence suggests that integrating acupuncture into your IVF cycle may offer a greater chance of success. Studies have shown that incorporating acupuncture into IVF treatment can increase pregnancy rates by enhancing the brain-ovary connection and optimizing the body’s response to hormonal signals. Acupuncture also helps prepare your body for IVF by calibrating the stress response and mitigating the emotional and physical stress associated with hormonal fluctuations. Our clinic provides specialized support to couples undergoing fertility treatment, utilizing acupuncture protocols that have been validated in clinical trials to improve IVF outcomes. By combining the time-honored practice of acupuncture with cutting-edge research, we aim to optimize your fertility journey and increase your chances of success.

Preparing for IVF treatment

In order to obtain the greatest benefits, we recommend planning ahead and starting treatment at least 3 months before your IVF cycle is due to begin. Oogenesis and spermatogenesis cycles are approximately this long and it is desirable to begin treatment at the start of these cycles. Acupuncture treatment over this period of time optimizes the signalling system in the body and realigns the HPO (Hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary) axis, the invisible network of hormonal relationships governing our reproductive status.

Importance of Appropriate Dosages

Research indicates that the effectiveness of acupuncture may be dose-dependent, that is a sufficient number of acupuncture treatments are required over an adequate period of time. The number of acupuncture treatments given before the start of the IVF process is an important factor in determining the likelihood of success. As a guideline, we recommend 10-12 visits spanning two to three months before embryo transfer. More treatment might be required depending on your condition/constitutions and previous/present response to IVF.

PCOS with high LH

We recommend that those patients with PCOS with high LH levels and those with an increased chance of developing OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation) or having had OHSS previously, schedule additional treatments whilst undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation.

Acupuncture support during IVF

In the down-regulation phase of IVF, the aim of the treatment is to alleviate any side effects of the medication such as hot flushes, headaches and mood swings and to assist in the thinning of the uterine lining.

During the up-regulation phase, the focus is on stimulating the blood supply to the ovaries and uterus to aid both follicle growth and the thickening of the endometrial lining. The treatment frequency depends on the type of assisted conception protocol and your response to it.

Acupuncture at Embryo Transfer

Clinical studies have shown that acupuncture at the time of transfer can significantly increase the chance of success with implantation and full-term pregnancy. 2 treatments are given before and after embryo transfer.

Post-transfer Implantation support

2 Treatments are given during 2-week-wait period after embryo transfer to support implantation and maintain hormonal signal and healthy pelvic blood flow.  Following a positive pregnancy test, we recommend continuing acupuncture for the first few weeks of pregnancy, while many patients choose to receive treatment until 12 weeks of pregnancy.


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